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Southern West Virginia Health System/ The Brick Clinic


Monday-Friday: 8:00 - 6:00

The Harless Center Pharmacy 

Monday - Friday: 8:30 - 5:30


Pharmacy Counter
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THE BRICK CLINIC is dedicated in honor of Dr. John Brick and in memory of Dr. James Brick.  "It's the Right Thing to Do" is quoted often by both when asked why they came to Gilbert.  They are true mountaineers with a love for all people and things that make West Virginia.

In 2006, The President of WVU challenged the WVU Health Sciences to "Make medicine work" in rural WV.  That challenge was a dream come true for the twin brothers.  They came to Gilbert and met with Buck Harless.

Buck knew it was a hardship for most people from Mingo, Logan, Wyoming, and McDowell to make the trip to Morgantown for the "specialty care" many needed.  It was a handshake deal for them to set up a makeshift clinic at the LJHCC.  Jim Brick looked around and said, "As long as we have a sink we can make this thing work." Soon the brothers, along with needed staff made the monthly drive to Gilbert.  As the success continued, WVU Ophthalmologist, Dr. Judie Charlton, and other "specialty docs" joined the team.

In 2010, the late Senator Robert Byrd and Buck joined to transform the Center's theater into a true medical clinic.  The clinic is under the Southern WV Health Systems which provides space for both WVU and Marshall University to treat patients.

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